UPDATE2: Yay! :-) someone did it and we both got 50$ :-)

UPDATE: absolutely no one took advantage of this. I don't know why. Me and some friend of my daughter got 50 bucks each out of it, just for opening an account and depositing 100$ (which I then spent, of course). I think it's still going until (update 2) August 30th 2017, but I'm putting a readmore in to make this post smaller now.

So my daughter said a friend of hers could use the money and if I opened a bank account using her code I'd make each of us $25.

Sure. Whatever... Moving on...

But this one is actually 'A Thing'. Tangerine Bank is actually paying people to open bank accounts. And, by the time I realized that I needed to deposit $100 first, they'd changed the rules and I got $50 instead of the expected $25 (see image below).

It's the Bank of Nova Scotia's online plan to get rid of brick and mortar (and tellers and CSR's and...) expenses.They bought IDG and renamed it to Tangerine Bank, so you can use all their orange 'Tangerine' debit cards in any Bank of Nova Scotia bank machine for free.

Tangerine charges no fees for most things you want to do with banking online (for now...) and it will pay you to open an account. And it will pay for referrals. Yes, you are correct, this sounds just like multi-level marketing and ponzi schemes, but I'm still eating a salad made with feta and olive oil that I paid for with Tangerine's money as I type this.

Just find a friend and sign up with them. or use my Orange Key which is 46420773S1.

Really. Please use that number when you sign up (or use SOMEONE'S number at least otherwise you are just wasting money). It's free money you aren't allocating if you don't. It's just left floating in the corporate pocket as it were...Help it land and be safe in your pocket! ;-)

Either way, we'll both get some free money out of a bank ffs. Never happened before, will likely never happen again.

Yes, and I also bought a pizza bagel using the bank's money for supper from Xander's Coffee Shop on the way home from the airport tonight.

I have No Idea why Tangerine takes 48 hours to approve a CASH deposit on a week day though. I can see 12-24 hours, but 48 seems a bit much.

To be clear: I deposited $100 in cash (20 + 80) and they (Tangerine Bank) deposited $50 for no good reason except that I opened an account. You should go do it too and spend it quick-like :-) Why not????



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