This video does a good job of showing some of the area around Terrace, BC, Canada: At the time of that video, she seems to have been a pharmacy student visiting Terrace to do her practicum. Here are her other videos:

She was very kind and didn't make fun of our small town, even though she is from the big city of Vancouver. Well, Canadians are supposed to be polite after all...

Terrace isn't really very North as real North goes a LOT further up, but we are still often short of health care vocations. The lady talks about her Shoppers being in "THE medical building". Yes, it is the only "medical building" in town and, counting the hospital, we have only 5 pharmacies. However, you don't have to go much further North to be THE only  pharmacist or THE only doctor in town.

Terrace has about the same positives as Vancouver: summers aren't too hot, winters aren't too cold, but we still have swimming and skiing seasons. Lots of beautiful scenery and wildlife, but with the added bonus of low housing prices and no traffic congestion. Check out Northern Health for job postings.